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Dina Long: Mayor of Sea Bright: She must consider the threatening scientific evidence while trying to protect the people she loves.

Steve Nelson: Recovery Manager: Advises Sea Bright on how to protect their community.

Ben Horton: Sea Level Scientist: Expert on Sea Level rise. Warns that people should not live along the shore.


Scott Glenn: Leading Oceanographer. Developed technology that predicts greater storm surges in the future

Robin Leichenko: Geography scientist: provides vital research on how hurricane sandy affected New Jersey.

Robert Burlew: Construction Official, Union Beach: Fears that his town will be left behind. Union Beach did not receive the same assistance rebuilding as other shore towns.

Keith Watson: Army Corps Of Engineers Project Manager. Supports controversial decision to pump sand onto beaches.

Jeff Tittel: Environmental activist: Member of the Sierra Club who harshly criticizes NJ's replenishment plans.

Wendy Massaro: Union Beach Resident who has been stuck in a trailer home 4 years after Sandy destroyed her house.

Shelley Tracey: Sea Bright Resident Who is rebuilding her home.

Dave Muratore: Sea Bright resident who stayed in his home during Sandy.