Dan Natale: Director, Producer, and Editor

Dan recently graduated Rutgers University with a degree in Environmental Policy, and Digital Film-making, where he began "Bad Tidings." With esteemed director, Dena Seidel as his mentor, he brought the film to a professional level of quality. As a life-long Jersey Shore resident, he took a deep interest in bringing this story to life. He hopes that the film will create a conversation about the right course of action for the Jersey shore.





Dena Seidel: Co-Producer and Academic Advisor

Dena Seidel is an innovative educator, award winning documentary filmmaker, published short story author, and since joining Rutgers the creator/designer of Rutgers’ first film production programs and most recently the architect of the university’s first Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking.

In 2013, Dena returned from directing a 6 week documentary shoot in Antarctica with over 400 hours of footage that she then shaped into the award winning feature documentary “Antarctic Edge: 70° South” funded by the National Science Foundation and now streaming on Netflix. Other films she produced with her staff and students include “Generation at Risk: Joining forces to Fight Childhood Obesity,” and “The War After: From Combat to Campus.”


Richard Ludescher: Executive Producer.

Richard Ludescher is the campus Dean of Academic Programs at Rutger's School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. He has been an executive producer on several award winning Rutgers films. His previous credits include "Antarctic Edge: 70° South," and "Atlantic Crossing: A robot's Daring Mission." His support of science film making illustrates a passion to inspire others to protect our ecosystems. He also has a great eye for talent, as both of his film credits have won multiple international awards such as best documentary in the California film awards, and Best Documentary Feature in Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood.


Louis Cabrera: Producer

Louis Cabrera earned a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and ever since has been working as a freelance videographer. Since then he has worked with NYU Langone Medical School, Parkchester NYC, All Stars Project, EDG (smart home installation business), and The Rutgers Film Bureau (Generation at Risk Documentary).

While in school, he began working on “Bad Tidings,” with a small crew of students, where he was vital in bringing the film to completion.